Welcome to our 2010 Poetry contests!

Submit your poetry in one of two categories:

NEW HAT POETS (unpublished) and OLD HAT POETS (published)

*     *     *


Enter by emailing us your poem (one poem per entrant) – it’s as simple as that

Submit to:, .doc or .pdf files only; include poem title only, not author name

No word restrictions, no fees; entrants must be a resident of Northland

Submissions deadline: July 10, 2010 midnight – only a few more days!

Cash Prizes for Winning Entries!

Winners announced at Poetry Night, July 29, Nectar Bar, Bank Street, Whangarei, 5-8pm. Poetry readings and awards.

All entries to be included in display at the Mid-Winter Arts Festival

All entrants invited to participate in seminar, ‘Voices in Action,’ July 24, 10am – 4pm, Old Library, Whangarei.

*     *     *


Daphne de Jong

Daphne de Jong’s novels, short stories and poetry have been widely published in NZ and overseas. In New Zealand her work has appeared in Landfall, Takahe, other literary journals, and various anthologies. She has taught writing courses over many years all over New Zealand and online internationally. She is a Northlander born and ‘born-again’, returning after moving around the country. Her home is the base for The Kara School of Writing and a retreat for working writers. You can find Daphne online at

Piet Nieuwland

The first time Piet Nieuwland read poetry in public was at a Jazz and Poetry evening at the Northland Players Theatre in Kaikohe in the early 1980s. He got hooked on live poetry performance at the Globe Poets in Auckland and attended Poetry Live every Tuesday evening. Since then, poetry has been central to his creative process. He has worked with other poets including David Eggleton, John Pule, Sandra Bell, Kim Blackburn and Alex Staines, and spent his life painting, drawing, writing, and photographing, interspersed with children along the way, a full-time job and exploring what he calls ‘this amazing country of ours.’

Piet has read poetry in all sorts of places, arts festivals, beaches, public meetings, libraries, restaurants, hui, art galleries, conferences, hilltops, and bars and cafes.  His poems have been published in a variety of magazines here and in Australia including Mattoid, Snafu, Takahe, Trout, Spin, Tounge in Your Ear and Live Lines.  His self-published compilations of poetry can be found in libraries throughout the country.

Vaughan Gunson

Vaughan Gunson lives in Hikurangi. He tries to juggle being an art teacher, writer, activist, unionist, and parent of young children. Poems sometimes spill out, which can be read at Falling Away from Blue. His biggest poetic influences are Charles Bukowski, Bob Dylan and Bertolt Brecht.

Vaughan’s poems have been published in Blackmail Press, New Zealand Listener, Poetry New Zealand, Side Stream, Stingray, Takahe, The Lumière Reader, UNITY Journal and Workers Charter.

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