Thank You

Whangarei Writers’ Workshop wishes to thank the following for their generous support:

NZSA — Thank you to the Northland branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors has supported these events with manpower, funding and creative input.

Mid Winter Arts Festival — Thank you Kaaari Schlebach and others at MWAF for supporting the National Poetry Day events in Whangarei and working with us to make this part of the Mid Winter Arts celebration.

T & D Print, 85 Walton Street, Whangarei — Thank you for helping us with all our printing needs.

Chris Carey and Northtec — Thank you for helping organise and fund the workshops ‘Voice in Action’ (July 24) and ‘Poetry and Prose’ (July 30).

Nectar Cafe, 88 Bank Street, Whangarei — Thank you Nigel and staff at Nectar Cafe for hosting our July 29 Poetry Night.

Butter Factory, 8 Butter Factory Lane, Whangarei — Thank you for hosting our Late Night Poetry on July 29.

Peter Larsen — Thank you for organising the late-night poetry events at the Butter Factory on July 29.

Siobhan Harvey, Coordinator for National Poetry Day 2010 in Auckland — Thank you for your help in organising and advertising our events and making National Poetry Day a success in New Zealand.

Daphne DeJong, Piet Nieuwland, and Vaughan Gunson — Thank you to our three judges for lending your time and poetic eye to our 2010 contests.

Anne McDonnell — Thank you for leading the Whangarei Writers’ Workshop special session ‘Sound, Sense and Sentiment’ on Friday, July 30

Jan Fisher — Thank you for leading the Workshop ‘Voice in Action’ on Saturday, July 24

Hawthorn Geddes, engineers and architects ltd — Thank you Hawthorn Geddes for your generous contribution to our poetry contest prize pot.

Cater Marine, Opua — Thank you Glen and Margaret Pierce at Cater Marine for your generous contribution to our poetry contest prize pot.

Salut Bar — Thank you Sean Peters for your generous contribution to our poetry contest prize pot.

Thank you to other Northland businesses for contributing to our poetry prize pot:

Tempt Cafe, Whangarei

Whitcoulls Book Store, Whangarei

Esquires Coffee House, Whangarei

Bloom, 3/5 Rust Ave, Whangarei

Fresh Cafe, 12 James St, Whangarei

Mokaba, Town Basin, Whangarei

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